Friday, April 30, 2004

Today we got a presentation by an IBM guy on the Rational Tool Suite. The presentation wasn't too bad.
One interesting point was that he was using JBoss as AppServer. I would have expected that they have to use Websphere. So much about "Eat your own dog food".

Saturday, April 17, 2004

I am now (for nearly two weeks) invloved with Xdoclet as commiter. Xdoclet is a code generator, where you add tags in javadoc format to your source ( Xdoclet then generates Java files and deployment descriptors. Currently I am wading through JIRA, their trouble ticket tool. It's quite some work. But fortunately, you see a result.
I am also currently writing an article for iX magazine about Xdoclet. I submitted it to the editor two days ago in the afternoon, saying that it is not clear when there will be a next release. In the evening, there was a mail on the developers malingl list saying "hey, do we want to release this weekend?" :-)

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Gavin King (the hibernate guy) is writing about SFSB. While not everything he wrote is correct (according to the comments, which I did not verify), his last sentence Lesson: beware J2EE folklore! is completely true.
I often hear "CMP is useless". When you ask people why, they tell you some myths or results from a foaf or things they experienced years ago, which is not true on a modern CMP 2.x server like JBoss.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

We have been at our local OBI store on Saturday. Over the loudspeaker, the lady was announcing "And now, just in time for eastern: out four million megapixel camera is on stock again". She was repeating this every then minutes.

Wow, they are having such a product at a consumer store, while you can't even buy that in high-end shops. :-)
Experience from the past (marketing guy is pretending that a megapixel screen can display 16 million colors simultaneously) showed that it doesn't make sense to tell the lady that four terra pixel cameras are still a bit in the future.