Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Russian translations coming to RHQ

Denis Krusko, one of the two GSoC students working on RHQ has just committed a first batch of Russian translations to RHQ. Here are two screenshots to bring you in the right mood.

If you speak Russian and want to help Denis, I am sure he will appreciate it. Check out the translation project on github for details.

Russian traslation on the login screen


Russian translations in use administraion

Thank you Denis!

Monday, April 23, 2012

RHQ participates in this years Google Summer of Code™

Gsoc 2012 logo colorRHQ is happy to be able to participate in this years Google Summer of Code™

We have as part of the organization seen many very good proposals and the whole has seen many more so that even with the generosity of Google, we have obviously obtained a lot less slots than the number of good proposals received.

So I am extremely happy that for RHQ those two proposals have been accepted:

  • Replace old graphs by GWT ones - Denis Krusko: The main graphs in RHQ are still from the pre RHQ era and implemented as Servlets embedded in JSP and struts pages. The current UI is mostly written in GWT. While we were able to embed the old graphs, they still don't feel 'right'.

    Denis will investigate options for replacement and then implement new GWT-compatible graphing. Denis will also look at how the grahps can become more interactive by e.g. applying formulas on the data.

  • Implement an RHQ agent in Python - Krzysztof Kwaƛniewski: The classical RHQ agent is written in Java and probably not best suited for every purpose. With the addition of the REST api, it now became easier to implement agents in other languages.

    Krzysiek will implement an agent in Python, that on one side talks REST with the RHQ server and on the other side interfaces with Matahari to take metrics from Fedora and RHEL hosts.

I am together with the other RHQ contributors very much looking forward to see Krzysztof and Denis in action.


*) GSoC Logo is taken from and has a CC-3.0-attrib-non-commercial-no-deratie license