Wednesday, April 27, 2005

It is out!

Today I got the first copy of my JBboss book from the publisher. Really neat.
Within the next days the printing plant will supply more copies to the
distributors and stores, so it will be available until around the start
of next week in stores.
The accompanying web site also has the examples plus some errata online. I plan to also publish some additional material there, which is/will not be in the book.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

2raumwohnung concert

On saturday we have been in the concert of 2raumwohnung. This probably was the first (non-classic) concert together with Elke and definitively the first one since the birth of Orlando.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

iPod, Win XP, USB and Firewire

Recently I moved my iTunes music collection from my business laptop onto my private desktop pc. This pc running XP SP 2 has a USB 2.0 card. The iPod did connect and directly disconnect again. Googling around showed me that a quite some folks had problems, but there was no definite answer to solve the issue.
Yesterday I bought a cheap FireWire card with VIA chipset. Installed it, connected the iPod and it just worked :-)

Monday, April 04, 2005

News from my book (updated)

My JBoss-book is currently in the last steps of being typeset. Expected in-store date is 28th of April ( will have it a few days later).
We also changed the subtitle from "Konfiguration und Programmierung" to "Serverhandbuch für J2EE-Entwickler und Administratoren".

Unfortunately, the updated cover does not yet show up at the publisher site or at amazon.

[ update ]

The new cover is now online at the publishers site and looks like this:

Cover German JBoss book by Heiko W. Rupp

Do you see the nice little JBoss-logo on the bottom left?
The book has been reviewd by Thomas Diesler and is officially entitled to have the logo on it. The book also has a preface by Marc Fleury :-)

The book is currently on its way to printing plant and thus will be in stores on 28th of April.


Last week I bought a print server (Edimax PS 1205 Um). It has one USB and one ethernet port and fits nicely in my home network. It supports nearly everythign from lpd, over Windows printint to Novell and AppleTalk.
The web based configuration is a bit obscure (I could not figure out how the password fits in all of this), but there is no big need of configuration anyway. As there is a Windows based configuration utility as well, I took the bitter pill of installing this.
The print server can obtain its IP address over bootp, dhcp, rarp and can also server as dhcp server.
From the experience I have with it so far, I can only recommend it.