Wednesday, October 26, 2005

JSE 5 and UML

As Java EE 5.0 is upcoming and Java SE 5 even out for quite some while, I was looking into UML-Tools that would help in reverse engineering those new language features as well. Older Tools from the Pre JSE 5 aera just insist that annotations and generics are errors :)
So I came over Omondo EclipseUML This is nicely integrated into Eclipse 3.1 and builds on GEF and EMF.
And best of all: it is able to export UML-Diagrams as SVG! This is something the good old Together6 was able to do and which Rose and XDE were not able to.

So if you 're looking into UML and Java SE 5, you really should have a look at Omondo EclipseUML