Friday, July 31, 2009

Experimental alerting via Twitter in Jopr (and RHQ)

Something for the weekend :-)

I have just committed support for sending alert notifications via Twitter into Jopr and RHQ.

Bild 12.png

The code currently lives in an experimental branch in the RHQ code base.

The twitter notification can be enabled in the usual place in the alert UI

Bild 11.png

while the twitter account is set in the System preferences

Bild 13.png

This code is still experimental, but works for me :-)

And then there is the Twitter plugin (and here), that allows you to watch twitter feeds from within Jopr.

Please provide feedback.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jopr Twitter plugin renamed

Two days ago I have commited a Jopr plugin to monitor Twitter feeds

Due to popular demand (and also because 'twit' has some negative connotation in some slang forms of English) I have renamed the Jopr TwitStats plugin to Twitter plugin.
This also means that the location of the source has moved to
modules/plugins/twitter within the RHQ svn repository.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Jopr meets Twitter -- new plugin to monitor Twitter

As you surely know, I am also active on Twitter as pilhuhn. So I have sat down and started to write a TwitStat plugin for Jopr and RHQ just to show the possibilities of the Jopr platform, that it is not exclusively about managing JBoss products (as some people say) and to show more example code.

Currently the TwitStats plugin lets you:

  • Post your own tweets

    Bild 4.png

  • Monitor the number of tweets

    • Your friends timeline

    • Public users timelines

    • Search for stuff

    • Bild 5.png

      Interesting detail is that the Event dots (green ones) show the post date of a tweet, while the blue monitor dots (number of tweets since last poll) show that number at the time of polling.

  • Show the monitored tweets as events in the Events Subsystem:

    Bild 3.png

I have built the plugin around the Twitter4J library, which helps a lot in getting things done.

There are still some open issues:

  • OAuth support is missing

  • Calls to get tweets are synchronous and block the plugin for too long - those need to converted into async calls

You can find the source code in RHQ svn in modules/plugins/twitstats.

Please provide feedback - either in the RHQ Jira, in the Forums or on Irc

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jopr Java1 sessions available

The mini theatre sessions about Jopr are now online at YouTube. This is a four part series of videos. Greg Hinkle, lead of the Jopr, RHQ and JBoss ON projects is presenting:

Part1: (shown below)

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Resources for plugin development for Jopr, RHQ and the JBossAS admin-console

I have been asked a few times in the last weeks about writing plugins for Jopr, RHQ and JBoss ON. People were interested, but still were not completely sure what to do.

So the first thing to know is that a plugin written for Jopr will also run in JBossON2 and (most probably *) in the new admin-console of JBoss AS 5.1

So I've complied a short list of resources to go through for starting development of a plugin

Also Jopr Developers are online on IRC at irc:// in #jopr

Contact me if you think that stuff is missing

*) You should of course always check it before delivering your plugin, but in most cases it should just work.

Infinispan presentation at JUG-Stuttgart next Thu

Manik Surtani will talk about Inifispan at the Java User Group Stuttgart.

Check out the following link for details and to register for the event.

Dzone did a nice interview with Manik, that you can checkout here.