Saturday, April 23, 2016

Welcome GSoC 2016 Students to JBoss

JBoss.Org has the luck of being selected as one of the mentoring organizations for this years issue of Google Summer of Code.

On Friday April 22nd, Google has announced the 10 students that will all work with JBoss. Those students with their project are:

  • Idel Pivnitskiy: AeroGear WebPush and UnifiedPush Server integration
  • rohitmohan96: Ceylon Markdown
  • Lucas Werkmeister: Ceylon TypeScript Loader
  • Samuel Richardson: Drools Rules in Minecraft
  • Anton Gabov: Smart HTTP/2-based protocol for Infinispan
  • Austin Ko: Hawkular-agent For Vert.x
  • mincongh: Hibernate Search: JSR 352 batch job for re-indexing entities
  • Anuj Garg: Improve existing Android client of Hawkular
  • Tugba: Teiid HDFS Translator/Connector
  • dimcho: Test scheduling for large test suites

We also want to thank all the other students for their in total over 70 proposals that they have submitted.

See also the GSoC project page for more details and the announcement post from Google for further information.