Saturday, November 13, 2004

Ws4ee tooling

I am currently having a discussion with Thomas Diesler on the JBoss Forum about the usage of Xdoclet for ws4ee (and especially in conjungtion with JBoss).
Thomas argues that there is no big gain in using Xdoclet for webservices, as it lacks support for wsdl-generation. He is of course right in the latter and I see the point that some work needs to be done here. Of course I am biased here as comitter on Xdoclet.
Thomas proposes wscompile from the sun JWSDP-package. But this also doesn't provide everything you need and you also have to write files on your own.
So the solution lies in the use of both tools: have xdoclet generate the service interface, ejb-jar.xml entries and webservices.xml and the jaxrpc-mapping, let wscompile provide the wsdl.
I outlined this at the JBossWS and Xdoclet wiki page.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Hewlett-Packard takes a new approach to software | CNET

Hewlett-Packard takes a new approach to software | CNET

This is interesting. As HP operates globally, they will take a good piece of the JASP cake. How will those service partners react?

For JBoss and open-source itself this is probably a good move, as many company including the classical IBM-customers (e.g. banks) will take JBoss and open-source more seriously and perhaps even consider switching from their "nobody got ever fired for buying IBM attitude".

German JBoss book announced

dpunkt.verlag listes a new JBoss book in their preview section. This is a German book and talks about JBoss 4.0. Target audience are admistrators and programmers that want to start with JBoss, but already have some basic J2EE and Java knowledge.
Why I mention this? Have a look at the author :-)

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Are FOP and Batik dead?

When looking at the download directory for fop and batik
(Index of /dist/xml/), it looks like the two projects are pretty dead. There was a batik release this year in february, but only because there was a security issue with the squiggle browser (nice tool btw!). For fop, which is at version 0.20.5 the situation is even worse: last release was in july 2003!.

After reading this blog article, things seem clearer. There is no entry on this on the ASF pages though.

SVG: drawing DTDs

In the past, I wrote a little note about's article on svg tree drawing.

Currently, the way most people seem to go if they want to add a structural drawing of their DTDs is to use XmlSpy, open the DTD, convert to XML Schema and let XmlSpy draw the diagram. XmlSpy can then export the drawing as png, or one can do a screenshot and save it in another pixelized format. The result is really good looking:

It seems that there are also other tools on the market like Tibco TurboXML that can produce drawings of DTDs (and the Tibco one seems to be able to export them even as SVG, as JBoss had some html-versions of their DTD in SVG done with some Tibco tool).

While this is good for graphics on the web or just visualisation of complex structures, this is of no real use when you have to scale the graphics to include it in some printed work. So I started to write my own converter. With the help of the batik toolkit, this is working quite well. The current state looks like this:

(The respective svg looks like this).
Obviously not yet as good as the XmlSpy version, but I can just run the conversion on command line and do not need a XmlSpy-license :-)
I will update this page when there is more available.