Monday, February 14, 2005

Mutt, pgp and enigmail

Recently I am getting more and more mails from Mozilla/Thunderbird users that use the enigmail plugin to support digital signature / encryption via pgp/gpg.
Unfortunately, mutt does not flag them as being encrypted / signed by default. With the default settings, it does not even recognize them as pgp mails. I used to pipe those mails to gpg, but when replying, this gets ugly with saving into a temp file, editing this one etc.
The following message hook fixes this (partly):

message-hook '!(~g|~G) ~b"^-----BEGIN\ PGP\ (SIGNED\ )?MESSAGE"' "exec check-traditional-pgp"
If you don't want to use this hook, it is still possible by pressing ESC P to flag those mails as being pgp mails. After this manual signing, mutt will also call pgp to display them.

On the other side: engimal users should set their preferences to use pgp/mime, so that outgoing mails get the right headers. Mutt will then be able to signal them as pgp mails even if the above hook is not used.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

End of Week end

A good weekend is over. After beeing sick for a week, I feel better again.
My book is now at the copy editor and spell checker, so I am confident that it will be in stores in April latest.
I also started to set up a home page for the book at Begleitseite zum Buch: JBoss - Konfiguration und Programmierung where I will put the source code of the examples and also errata.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

The best about Montignac diet

Michel Montignac, a french business man has developed some 20 years ago a new diet basing on just eating the right thing at the right time (this involves knowing the glycemic index of food and of eating the right combinations).
The best thing about that diet is not that it
- actuall works well
- you can eat as much as you want (there is no need to eat less)
- you can even eat chocolate
that you can actually go out eating with your colleagues, following the diet rules and nobody will actually find out that you are on a diet. That is much better than those "you are only allowed to eat salad" or "only grapes" diets.

Ticket application filed

Yesterday I filed my the application to participate in the lottery for FIFA soccer world championship 2006. Even as there are six matches here in Stuttgart, I did not intend to go. But my dad asked me if we want to go together, so I field the application.
Now I am waiting what will happen next ...

Blogger profile stats bogus also shows some statistics and last posts on the "view my complete profile page". This has not been updated since October last year. They should probably better remove those statistics if they don't want to update them.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005 has been ddosed

The probably most popular German speaking IT new site has been mostly offline the last two days. has been victim of a distributed denial of service attack.

JOnAS - has passed the J2EE 1.4 CTS.

After JBoss in July 2004, the second open source J2EE server has passed the Sun J2EE 1.4 testsuite:

1st February 2005: JOnAS has passed the J2EE 1.4 CTS

The JOnAS open source application server has successfully passed the Sun J2EE 1.4 Certification Test Suite. The official Sun acknowledgement is expected in the coming days. This is the result of a 9 months effort. The corresponding JOnAS version is 4.3.1, which is first provided as candidate release.

It is interesting that two French entities (Marc Fleury and the Objectweb consortium) dominate the open source J2EE market.