Monday, February 14, 2005

Mutt, pgp and enigmail

Recently I am getting more and more mails from Mozilla/Thunderbird users that use the enigmail plugin to support digital signature / encryption via pgp/gpg.
Unfortunately, mutt does not flag them as being encrypted / signed by default. With the default settings, it does not even recognize them as pgp mails. I used to pipe those mails to gpg, but when replying, this gets ugly with saving into a temp file, editing this one etc.
The following message hook fixes this (partly):

message-hook '!(~g|~G) ~b"^-----BEGIN\ PGP\ (SIGNED\ )?MESSAGE"' "exec check-traditional-pgp"
If you don't want to use this hook, it is still possible by pressing ESC P to flag those mails as being pgp mails. After this manual signing, mutt will also call pgp to display them.

On the other side: engimal users should set their preferences to use pgp/mime, so that outgoing mails get the right headers. Mutt will then be able to signal them as pgp mails even if the above hook is not used.


Joel Esler said...

Ah yes. Thank you. Was wondering why that wasn't working.

vuditarenitegnbfpgibtgisbeqlgebfve said...

Thanks, that’s a brilliant help. Now everything works.

Errol Casey said...

Thanks. This was very helpful. Glad it was an easy fix to allow me to use mutt with folks that use enigmail and thunderbird.