Thursday, June 17, 2010

Upcoming talks about JBossON / RHQ / Jopr

Below is a list of upcoming talks about
JBoss Operations Network (JBoss ON), RHQ and Jopr

Please inform me if you know of more talks around those topics, to that I can announce them here as well.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

RHQ - how to monitor local JMX servers

If you are using tools like JConsole or VisualVM, you may have seen that it is possible to monitor JVMs that don't have explicit jmx-remoting settings.
This post shows how you can easily achieve the very same in your plugin.

Basically you need to do four things:

  1. Have your plugin use the jmx-plugin:

    <plugin name="hadoop"
    <depends plugin="JMX" useClasses="true"/>

  2. In the Discovery Class (could also be done in ResourceComponent.start() at the very beginning), you put some additional plugin properties:

    public Set<DiscoveredResourceDetails> discoverResources(
    ResourceDiscoveryContext context)
    throws Exception
    Configuration pluginConfiguration = context.getDefaultPluginConfiguration();
    pluginConfiguration.put(new PropertySimple(
    pluginConfiguration.put(new PropertySimple(

    The javaClazz is the fully qualified name of the main class as it would
    appear with jps -l :

    $ jps -l
    3299 org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TaskTracker
    3177 org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.server.namenode.SecondaryNameNode
    3037 org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.server.namenode.NameNode

    (the output is vmid and class, where the vmid is usually the process id)

  3. Have your component class extend JMXComponent

    public class HadoopServiceComponent extends JMXServerComponent, ...

  4. In component.start() call the JMXServerComponent

    public void start(ResourceContext context) throws Exception

From there on, you can get the JMX connection by a simple

     EmsConnection conn = getEmsConnection();

and so on ...

Back from Linuxtag

So I am back from a quick trip to Linuxtag 2010 in Berlin where I was presenting "Systemmanagement with RHQ - also for Linux". My talk featured an overview of RHQ by slides and live demo and a demonstration of the Nagios plugin, Alexander Kiefer has written.

The meeting room wasn't exactly crowded with around 20 people, but I saw them writing down stuff and they were asking questions, so I consider this good anyway.

At Linuxtag I also met Dalibor Topic from OpenJDK, my colleague David Lutterkort (who was presenting about deltacloud) and Hardy Ferentschik who was presenting about Hibernate Search. Unfortunately I was not able to attend any of those, as either I was still on my way to the conference or already back.

While I spent a good part of the day in trains (5h30 in the morning + commuter train within Berlin and 5h in the evening + commuter train), I was also able to walk around Linuxtag and have a glance at the exhibition. Many (larger) Open Source Projects were present (Fedora was missing to my surprise) and Debian even hold their own mini conference.
Also some system integrators and other companies like Google, O'Reilly or Addison-Weseley had a booth.

In the train I started hacking a plugin to monitor Hadoop clusters. It will find the various instances and already connects via JMX to them. The NameNode even has some statistics exposed. I'll put that into RHQ git within the next days.

You can find slides of my talk online - those are rather sparse as I was doing a long demo session showing RHQ, the Nagios integration and how easy it is to put an agent on a new platform and get this platform into inventory (literally took 2mins incl. downloading)

Sorry that there are no photos or even a video - I just did not feel like carrying the appropriate equipment around.

Friday, June 04, 2010

RHQ at Linuxtag

I will present "Systemmanagement mit RHQ - auch für Linux" at Linuxtag
Berlin next wednesday, June 9 at 3pm in room Europa 1.

I will talk about the architecture of RHQ and how it can be used
for Linux monitoring and will especially mention the Nagios integration by Alex Kiefer.

Wednesday schedule for Linuxtag is here (Don't worry, if you still see the CDI talk in this slot. I am sure my talk will soon show up at 3pm in room "Europa 1")