Sunday, September 26, 2010

Zwitscher, a twitter client for Android

Today I finally came around implementing list support for what is my Hello World of learning Android, a Twitter client called Zwitscher.

Main screen looks like this:



You can see support for lists as first class citizens.

Zwitscher is still in a very early stage and of course contains bugs and unimplemented features.

Zwitscher is released as open source - to learn more about it, visit its home page at

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First developer preview of RHQ4 available

We have just put a first developer preview of the new RHQ 4 UI online.

This preview is NOT intended FOR PRODUCTION or serious testing, but should rather be seen as an insight on what we are working on.

RHQ4 Dashboard
To learn more about the preview, visit the release notes page from where you can also download it.
As always feedback is very welcome (this includes patches and other code submissions) -- check the contributions page.
If you want to use RHQ for more more serious work, please use RHQ 3.