Friday, December 05, 2014

RHQ 4.13 released

I am very pleased to announce the release of RHQ 4.13 as an
early gift from St. Nicholas :)

Screenshot of the RHQ UI showing some charts

This release contains a lot of bug fixes and smaller improvements, as well as some new features:

  • Alerts have a new status 'recovered', that can be filtered upon
  • The UI allows to hide elements that are not needed on a per user basis
  • The as7/WildFly plugin now supports runtime queues and topic subscribers
  • Further improvements in the Storage Nodes

As always RHQ is available for download in form of a zip archive. If you want to try out RHQ without too much setup, you can also use a pre-created Docker image
from (the link contains setup information).

Please consult the release notes for further details and a download link.

Maven artifacts will soon be available on Maven Central.

Special thanks goes to

  • Alan Santos
  • Andreas Veithen
  • Elias Ross
  • Jérémie Lagarde

for their code contributions for this release.