Thursday, March 25, 2004

Remakably: Six barriers to open source adoption in the enterprise.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

In Bruce Landon's Weblog for Students
he is writing: Jython really needs is more recognition from Sun and IBM .
I am not sure on this. To me it seems that at least IBM has a tendency to use things in a way that if you started with it once, you can't really move to another tool. Best example is WSAS 5 with WSAD. Support for DB/2 is far superior to support for other databases.

Now back to Jython: what could more recognition from one of those companies mean? Will there be a WSAD4Jython that gives comfortable editing et. al., while no plugin for Eclipse is supported?

Sunday, March 21, 2004

I have been at CeBit, worlds largest IT exhibition.
Amongst others, I met Marc Fleury and Sacha Labourey from JBoss again. JBoss really seems to start now - also in Europe. The two guys had one meeting with the press after the other.
As in all the years, the parts at Heise publishers was great. This year it wasn't at their booth, but in EMC near central station.
I met quite some people therer, but didn't really see much new things. I think meeting old friends again there is the real purpose of all the fair business.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Today I stumbled over the this articles about Continous Integration.
I agree with it. The most interesting part is about being able to do a daily build and the pros and cons of it.
I often hear the same ("No, I don't run the testsuite between edits, this takes me 10 minutes each").

Then it says:

We are pretty aggressive about what we mean by a successful build.

* All the latest sources are checked out of the configuration management system
* Every file is compiled from scratch
* The resulting object files (Java classes in our case) are linked and deployed for execution (put into jars).
* The system is started and suite of tests (in our case, around 150 test classes) is run against the system.
* If all of these steps execute without error or human intervention and every test passes, then we have a successful build

I am not sure, if this is enough when done on a central test machine or if even developer has to run through this before even being allowed to check changes in.

Oh well ..

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

It looks like social networking sites are the new in things on the net. Lately I got invitations to Orkut and OpenBC. While browsing at Orkut, i found lots of people that are not only attached to one networking site, but to many of them.

I think that those networks can be very additive - especially when they allow to rank others and to be ranked, when they show how popular one is etc.

I really wonder when those communities start their business plans. OpenBC as an example first offeres their commerical premium services. When after a month you are accustomed to all the features, the account falls back to the normal version and you have to pay to get the level of service that you know.

And by the way: the grandmom of those sites, Sixdegrees is currently down for relaunch.