Sunday, March 14, 2004

Today I stumbled over the this articles about Continous Integration.
I agree with it. The most interesting part is about being able to do a daily build and the pros and cons of it.
I often hear the same ("No, I don't run the testsuite between edits, this takes me 10 minutes each").

Then it says:

We are pretty aggressive about what we mean by a successful build.

* All the latest sources are checked out of the configuration management system
* Every file is compiled from scratch
* The resulting object files (Java classes in our case) are linked and deployed for execution (put into jars).
* The system is started and suite of tests (in our case, around 150 test classes) is run against the system.
* If all of these steps execute without error or human intervention and every test passes, then we have a successful build

I am not sure, if this is enough when done on a central test machine or if even developer has to run through this before even being allowed to check changes in.

Oh well ..

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