Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back from Linuxtag

So I am back from a quick trip to Linuxtag 2010 in Berlin where I was presenting "Systemmanagement with RHQ - also for Linux". My talk featured an overview of RHQ by slides and live demo and a demonstration of the Nagios plugin, Alexander Kiefer has written.

The meeting room wasn't exactly crowded with around 20 people, but I saw them writing down stuff and they were asking questions, so I consider this good anyway.

At Linuxtag I also met Dalibor Topic from OpenJDK, my colleague David Lutterkort (who was presenting about deltacloud) and Hardy Ferentschik who was presenting about Hibernate Search. Unfortunately I was not able to attend any of those, as either I was still on my way to the conference or already back.

While I spent a good part of the day in trains (5h30 in the morning + commuter train within Berlin and 5h in the evening + commuter train), I was also able to walk around Linuxtag and have a glance at the exhibition. Many (larger) Open Source Projects were present (Fedora was missing to my surprise) and Debian even hold their own mini conference.
Also some system integrators and other companies like Google, O'Reilly or Addison-Weseley had a booth.

In the train I started hacking a plugin to monitor Hadoop clusters. It will find the various instances and already connects via JMX to them. The NameNode even has some statistics exposed. I'll put that into RHQ git within the next days.

You can find slides of my talk online - those are rather sparse as I was doing a long demo session showing RHQ, the Nagios integration and how easy it is to put an agent on a new platform and get this platform into inventory (literally took 2mins incl. downloading)

Sorry that there are no photos or even a video - I just did not feel like carrying the appropriate equipment around.

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