Saturday, November 13, 2004

Ws4ee tooling

I am currently having a discussion with Thomas Diesler on the JBoss Forum about the usage of Xdoclet for ws4ee (and especially in conjungtion with JBoss).
Thomas argues that there is no big gain in using Xdoclet for webservices, as it lacks support for wsdl-generation. He is of course right in the latter and I see the point that some work needs to be done here. Of course I am biased here as comitter on Xdoclet.
Thomas proposes wscompile from the sun JWSDP-package. But this also doesn't provide everything you need and you also have to write files on your own.
So the solution lies in the use of both tools: have xdoclet generate the service interface, ejb-jar.xml entries and webservices.xml and the jaxrpc-mapping, let wscompile provide the wsdl.
I outlined this at the JBossWS and Xdoclet wiki page.

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