Monday, July 27, 2009

Jopr meets Twitter -- new plugin to monitor Twitter

As you surely know, I am also active on Twitter as pilhuhn. So I have sat down and started to write a TwitStat plugin for Jopr and RHQ just to show the possibilities of the Jopr platform, that it is not exclusively about managing JBoss products (as some people say) and to show more example code.

Currently the TwitStats plugin lets you:

  • Post your own tweets

    Bild 4.png

  • Monitor the number of tweets

    • Your friends timeline

    • Public users timelines

    • Search for stuff

    • Bild 5.png

      Interesting detail is that the Event dots (green ones) show the post date of a tweet, while the blue monitor dots (number of tweets since last poll) show that number at the time of polling.

  • Show the monitored tweets as events in the Events Subsystem:

    Bild 3.png

I have built the plugin around the Twitter4J library, which helps a lot in getting things done.

There are still some open issues:

  • OAuth support is missing

  • Calls to get tweets are synchronous and block the plugin for too long - those need to converted into async calls

You can find the source code in RHQ svn in modules/plugins/twitstats.

Please provide feedback - either in the RHQ Jira, in the Forums or on Irc

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Vinicius Carvalho said...

Nice, I've developed a twitter based RA to create MDBs that listen to tweet feeds, you can find the code at:

I really need to post it on my blog one day :D