Monday, April 04, 2005

News from my book (updated)

My JBoss-book is currently in the last steps of being typeset. Expected in-store date is 28th of April ( will have it a few days later).
We also changed the subtitle from "Konfiguration und Programmierung" to "Serverhandbuch für J2EE-Entwickler und Administratoren".

Unfortunately, the updated cover does not yet show up at the publisher site or at amazon.

[ update ]

The new cover is now online at the publishers site and looks like this:

Cover German JBoss book by Heiko W. Rupp

Do you see the nice little JBoss-logo on the bottom left?
The book has been reviewd by Thomas Diesler and is officially entitled to have the logo on it. The book also has a preface by Marc Fleury :-)

The book is currently on its way to printing plant and thus will be in stores on 28th of April.

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