Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Downside of ubiquitous reachability

We were having some strange problems with some framework. I got the number of an expert from "his" sales guy a few days ago and I was trying to reach the expert now. Around 3pm yesterday (German time) I dialed +49 171 ... (German mobile phone number). After a few beeps I heard the voice of that guy. I started ".. bla bla bla.." then I heard "you know .. it is 6am here where I am .. you just woke me up".
I felt somewhat guilty that I did phone him and that I did not directly hang up. On the other hand I was pissed, as I did phone during normal office hours (in Germany) and cant know the German numbers are redirected to the US (California probably). If that guy doesn't want to be woken up, then he should shut down his phone).

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