Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A good move from Sun

Linda de Michiel and Craig Russel, spec leads for JSR-220 (EJB 3) and JSR-243 (JDO 2.0) have written an open letter to the Java community that they want to unite Java persistence under the umbrella of JSR-220.

The critics will now mumble that JBoss will get (more) influence on the whole Java persistence through their jsr members and through hibernate in special (Hani, I already hear you rotating in your bed).

I think this unification is a good thing, as persistence is critical to many applications and there is no point to have various competing standards that all fill a certain niche and where you can't really tell why you are using one standard and not the other.

Can you tell what is the difference between hibernate, jdo and entity beans? If so, do you know the differences between various jdo implementations? Do you know all the vendor specific details of EntityBeans configuration?

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