Monday, October 25, 2004 support

Ok, first: you get what you pay for ...

But an entity that claims to be the best and biggest platform for Open Source development should give better support.

Slowly from the beginning. Andrew uploaded the files to the download farm and set the release to 'hidden'. Then after uploading everything he set the release to 'active'.
Now people get the files in the download list, but when you select one, on the mirror page you get a notice that the mirror doesn't have the file and that will fix this.
Andrew opened a case with sf support, which was more or less 'just closed'. I also opened a case. And after not fully reading my initial submission, the support guy closed it after exchange of some questions and answers with "if it was hidden, then it will resolve itself in ten days".
What the heck? I see nowhere written, that hidden releases only reappear ten days after setting them to active. No notion why this is the case to what to do to increase re-appearance speed. Users are waiting for the files.

I was thinking about buying a subscription. But if this only gives me a bad answer faster than when I have no subscription, then no thanks.

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