Monday, January 17, 2005

How many books / items does Amazon have in their catalogue?

Since my JBoss book is listed @, I am looking at its sales rank. First there was no rank given. Then I ordered a copy and after a while the rank climbed to around 1.400.000. Then I cancelled the copy again and now there is again no rank given.

Does a rank of 1.400.000 for one copy ordered/sold mean that Amazon has around one and a half million articles in their catalogue? Probably they have more, as not ordered items can be found and there are ~ 1.400.000 items that got sold at least once.

Anyone has a clue?

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swilsonmc said...

Here's a little trick to get Amazon to tell you approximately how many items they sale.

Approximate Amazon inventory: 137,286,532 (4/20/2012)