Saturday, July 02, 2005

syngenio summer event

As some already know, I recently joined syngenio AG in Stuttgart after having left Cellent. At syngenio I will work in areas like JBoss training, consulting and support.

This weekend we had a summer event in Imst, Austria, where all syngenio workers came together. Besides eating, drinking, some workshops and talks by members of the board, the main attraction was rafting of the Inn river, which was organized by Lemming Tours.
This raftig tour took about one and a half hours and took us around 14 km by water. This was great fun. On one side the group feeling and on the other side that one safely made it to the finishing point (there was no danger, but I guess everyone was a little bit afraid, as rafting on wild water isn't really a consultants daily job).
So as summary of the summary: great! :-)

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