Saturday, April 26, 2008

JBossON 2 not just sexy - huh?

Rich Sharpless posted about JBossON 2 not only being sexy after he has seen a presentation on it.

Of course it is not only sexy when you look at the covers, but also when you unfold it. A few items to notice:

  • The plugin development is much easier than in the past

  • Groups are much more powerful - including new DynaGroups

  • The internal data model is much cleaner and easier to extend and understand

  • The application is written in EJB 3.0 with heavy usage of JPA 1 for the persistence (there is some pure hibernate and even JDBC code in it, but >90% is JPA).

  • Due to the latter (and other reasons) it is much faster.

And last but not least: most of it is (already) open source in the form of RHQ.

When you want to know for your self how JBossON 2 looks like, just check out RHQ.

And of course we are not only looking for marketing people, but also always for developers with clue :-)

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