Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Qype - where is the content?

I am a heavy user of Qype and have already contributed quite a lot, but recently the site is overloaded. And worse: you don't even find the content anymore:

(Click for a larger image)

You can see that the place has 4 stars on average. You can see that you can win something, you have a place to comment, you can book an ad for this place but where is the content, that made up the 4 stars?

Well, the solution is here:

Bild 1.png

There is only content in French, so it is hidden from me - and only when I open that popup, I will see that there is actually content. This sucks!

And for my 1280x800 display, this page is just too full. The page layout has been a lot better in the past.

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