Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cups error on Leopard: "Missing filter"

Today I was trying to print some files over the printer attached to my mac mini. All I got were pages with errors

ERROR: undefined
I thought first the word processor is sending crap, but after some investigation I found out that the issue is that the generic postscript printer driver is used and not the Laserjet one. Ok, went to preferences and changed the printer to use the Laserjet driver. But still no avail - now the printer even showed up as "not ready" :-(

Looking at /var/log/cups/error_log showed the following:

E [24/Feb/2009:11:02:59 +0100] Unable to execute /Library/Printers/hp/filter/hpPostProcessing.bundle/Contents/MacOS/hpPostProcessing: Operation not permitted
E [24/Feb/2009:11:02:59 +0100] [Job 50] Unable to start filter "/Library/Printers/hp/filter/hpPostProcessing.bundle/Contents/MacOS/hpPostProcessing" - Operation not permitted.

Looking at the two files showed that the x-Bit was missing from them. chmod +x solved this and now the printer is up and running nicely :-)

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Bolles said...

go to support.apple.com/kb/HT1893 to download update vs 1.1.1 find your driver download install. Go to system prefs print and fax office and supplies driver print using: and select your driver restart and you can print again. It's easy- you'll see. I have OS 10.5.8- not snow Leopard and this worked when all else failed.