Wednesday, April 29, 2009

JBoss ON 2.2 has been released

Greg Hinkle already wrote it: JBossON 2.2 has been released.
This has been a big release for us - with arounds six month of work.

Some of you may already had a peek at the Jopr 2.2 beta and my know about some of the new stuff.

Changes were (in addition to hundreds of small enhancements and bugfixes):

* UI - Completely updated (and mostly rewritten from Struts to JSF), AJAX based UI with tree views, search and common menu system
* Clusters - Cluster oriented tree views with group-wise configuration management and monitoring
* Security - Improved DynaGroups queries and new support for recursive compatible groups simplifies access control
* Monitoring - Configuration change detection, auditing and historical review
* Agent auto upgrade - Agents automatically update themselves when new servers are installed
* Subsystem views - Pages that e.g. show alert info over all existing resources
* Much better IE support
* Speed improvements
* Automatic recalculatin of DynaGroups
* Plugin skeleton generator

More information about JBossON 2.2 can be found at

1 comment:

Jay said...

"with arounds six month of work."

Crammed into a three month timeframe. :)

Awesome job and congrats to the team.