Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today, while being at Jazoon in Zürich, I took a run together with Bela from the Saalsporthalle (close to the conference venue) to the top of the Üetliberg.

Things went a bit strange, as at some point we switched on the most direct track to the hilltop. So in summary we did more than 400m of altitude. This included 'crawling' over tree roots on a very wet soil.

You can have a look at the track at GPSies.com.

Here is a snapshot from Trailrunner about my performance (grey shows the heigth):

Bild 6.png

In both cases start height and end height do not match, as my Forerunner took a long time to discover the satellites and only did so while we were already running. This also means the distance has probably slightly longer.

A very nice thing is that at the Saalsporthalle, it is possible to just go into a public cloak room with showers, to change to sporting clothes and to shower later. Outside is even a possibility to clean the running shoes.


A nice fellow at the top of the Üetliberg took photos of Bela and me and sent them via email to me:

103MSDCF 465.jpg

At the right you can see a bit of the Zürichsee.

103MSDCF 466.jpg

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