Tuesday, February 02, 2010

RHQ 3.0.0.b02 released - includes Jopr

We are proud to announce the release of RHQ 3.0.0.b02. Like the 1.4.0.B01 release, this is a developer preview and not intended for production. As with the previous release, this includes the Jopr bits, which now also live in the combined RHQ source repository.

You may wonder about the jump in the major release number. Well, first of all, the next release will be a big jump forward for the project, so a new major number is appropriate. And then, there is a very practical reason too: as I've already written earlier, the download not only contains the RHQ bits, but also the Jopr bits, which creates some confusion in the install / upgrade process, as the Jopr bits, which in the last Jopr-release were named xy-plugin-2.3.1, in 1.4.0.B01 they were suddenly xy-plugin-1.4.0.b01. The RHQ installer assumes that plugin versions are increasing and thus is considering the Jopr plugins in 1.4.0.B01 as older.
We could have hacked around this, but just increasing the major number solves this issue in a very natural way.

New Features:

  • Some French installer messages contributed by Victor Montaner

  • Alerting

    • Much improved UI for the new alert sender plugins

    • Alert definition UI partly moved from JSF to struts

    • Improved alert senders for microblog and snmp

    • It is now possible to define templates of alert notifications that contain a bundle of senders that can be reused to create notifications for alert definitions. See menu "Administration -> Settings -> Alert Notification Templates"

    • Alert migration: the datamodel for alerts has changed an needs migration. See the README for a how to

    • NOTE: alert senders for Subject, Roles and Operation are not in this release - they will come back soon

  • Raw configuration support: It is now possible to edit the raw text of configuration files and not only the structural view of them. This includes validation and rollback

  • Operations for server side plugins: it is now possible to define operations on server side plugins, that can be triggered through the alert plugin gui (Administration -> System Configuration -> Plugins -> Server Plugins)

  • Cosmetical changes in the left nav tree

Have a look at the full release notes for more details.


You can download this release from SourceForge at

https://sourceforge.net/projects/rhq/files/rhq/rhq-3.0.0.B02/. There is an agent download as well, but you don't need to download this, as the agent is contained in the server download already.

The source for the community release can be found in the 3.0.0.b02 branch in RHQ git.

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