Monday, April 26, 2010

Nagios support coming to RHQ...

Alexander Kiefer started working on supporting the Nagios monitoring system from within RHQ. The idea here is not to plugin the Nagios plugins directly into RHQ, but to talk from RHQ (better, a RHQ plugin) to the Nagios instance via mk_livestatus for Nagios. And overview of the setup is shown in the next figure.


The first cut of the implementation is mainly about talking to Nagios via mk_livestatus. Next steps will be

  • Implement the plugin in a way that the user only needs to modify the plugin descriptor to monitor additional Nagios resources
  • Implement dynamic metadata so that the plugin can automatically detect resource types present in Nagios and detect resources of the given types.

Alex has started documenting the Plugin in the RHQ Wiki

Code for this is in the nagios branch in git.

PLEASE try it and give feedback on the rhq-devel mailing list

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