Tuesday, May 04, 2010

RHQ community build 3.0.0.B05 released

The RHQ development team is happy to announce the availability of the 3.0.0.B05 community build of RHQ. As in previous community releases, this also contains the Jopr bits.

As usual, changes have been recorded on the change log page.

Most notable changes were:

  • Support for obfuscated db passwords

  • A fix for postgres 8.4+ servers to display statistics again
  • Completion of the alert sender plugins. This includes the possibility to finally execute resource operations on any resource as result of an alert
  • Suport for Oracle 11g database

Please use and test this release and report issues or feature requests in Bugzilla. If you want to contribute to the project, please have a look at the Contributions page on the wiki.

You can download the release from SourceForge.

If you want to develop plugins against this version, you can find the respective artifacts in the new JBoss Maven repository at https://repository.jboss.org/nexus/content/repositories/releases/org/rhq/.

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