Friday, July 30, 2010

RHQ (Jopr) tab sweep (updated)

So since the last tab sweep I have accumulated quite some links.

First and foremost there is the Release of RHQ 3.0 (final). As we are phasing out the word "Jopr", the Jopr bits are now always included in RHQ.
This release has been reflected in other publications like

RHQ 3 has a new bundle provisioning feature. This article talks about bundle formats and a simple generator to create bundles for deployment by RHQ.
Mazz explains how to deploy in his article provisioning content via RHQ.

Greg Hinkle wrote three articles that talk about the upcoming GWT UI (parts of this are already in RHQ 3 in the bundle provisioning):
New UI technology, Exposing domain objects to GWT and RHQ and customizable dashboards

Joseph Marques has posted a very good in-depth analysis of the GWT compile performance (in RHQ) and shows how to tweak the settings to get the best results.

Tom Jenkins created a video on how to administrate BlackTie via RHQ plugin - the video actually features the admin console in AS 5

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