Monday, January 10, 2011

RHQ tab sweep (updated)

Issue 2/2011 of German JavaMagazin features a 5 page article about RHQ. Currently this is available in the printed version, and also on the JavaMagazin home page later on.

There is a new video on Vimeo about using the standalone plugin container for plugin development. The start scripts are now also available for download from SourceForge.

If you don't want to run the agent as root, but need to access resources like postgresql.conf, use ACLs.

If you want to monitor apache httpd, you can try an experimental plugin that uses mod_bmx to talk to apache (the GitHub downloads section contains a binary version of the plugin; you still need to install mod_bmx in httpd).

John Sanda has written a plugin, that can use Clojure files to do the actual plugin work. So if you find writing the plugin code in Java boring, just use Clojure :-) (See also this article from John).

And then of course RHQ 4 DP 2 is out (since start of December).

And last but not least:

The Cool Stuff section of the JBoss community website now has some RHQ wallpapers.

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