Friday, February 18, 2011

RHQ 4 DP3 is out, webinar recording available

The third preview of RHQ 4 has been released yesterday.

From the release announcement:

We have just released RHQ 4.0 Developer Preview 3. This release is 
intended for developers and other interested parties who want a 
first-hand look at upcoming changes in RHQ 4.0, in particular the new 
GWT UI. Please note that this release is not intended for production use 
or serious testing.

New Features:
* Improved dashboard
* Improved operations UI (for single resource)
* Improved bundles UI
* System settings have been ported to GWT
* Support for Postgres 9.0
* Support for deleting agent plugins

The release notes tell you more and also contain the download link.

Two weeks ago, I have given a webinar "Overview of RHQ and JBossON". The recording is now available from Vimeo:


Overview of RHQ and JBoss Operations Network from JBoss Developer on Vimeo.


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