Saturday, June 04, 2011

Two nice days at Android DevCamp Stuttgart 2

In Stuttgart, we had an Android Developer Camp organized by the local Google Technology User Group.
This was a two day camp with workshops and a hackathon on the first day and a bar camp style set of sessions on the second one.
Heiko droids adcs2
Some of the almost 200 plush Androids
On the first day I went to the Hackathon and worked on Android 3 aka Honeycomb migration issues together with Fridger from Openintents. On the second day I was in a few sessions about app mashups, home screen widgets, git and also gave a session that was talking about what I have done in the Android 2->3 migration so far. My hope was to learn from some participants, but it looks like tablets are not yet that popular. Slides of my session are here.
Samsung, who were one of the main sponsors of the event, sent some developer advocates with new 8.9 and 10.1 tablets to play with, which was nice too.
Food was good and the Androids were plenty, so this was a good event. Thanks to all sponsors and the organization team.

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