Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some notes from the RHQ team meeting (and a team photo)

Last week, the whole RHQ development team met in the Red Hat office in Westford (near Boston). It was very nice for me to finally see some of the old colleagues again after two years and also to meet the new colleagues on the team.

And of course, we took a team photo


We had some very good discussions about possible future features (like e.g. supporting a REST style API into the system or on the future of alerts) - I will post more information soon. In the mornings we had show'n'tell style session where each developer was presenting some area of work to the team.

After work we did some more recreational things like:

One of things we also did is to publish some sort or Roadmap for RHQ and discussed that we will move the source to GitHub at some time and also split up the build in an easier to build way. We will post about that when we are making more progress on this.

Ah and did I mention "Beer"?

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