Monday, October 31, 2011

RHQ 4.2 released

The RHQ team is proud to have released version 4.2 of the systems management and monitoring framework.



This release focuses on:

  • UI enhancements / bug fixing
  • Completion of drift management (this allows you to e.g. detect changes to files on your managed platform and to alert on such drift)
  • Improvements in server config sync (you can basically take (parts of) the configuration of one RHQ server and apply it to a different RHQ server).

In addition to that, the release is the very first to have a (limited) REST interface. Another change is the added support for PostgreSQL 9.1.

We want to thank

  • Ted Won for contributing Korean installer messages
  • Rafael Torres for improvements to the Twitter plugins (OAuth support)
  • All community members that provided input and bug reports

As always check the release notes for a more complete list of changes. You can get the downloads from sourceforge. And please provide us feedback; for the REST interface we are also looking for usage examples.


Heiko Rupp will showcase RHQ 4.2 at the November meeting of the London JBUG.


Hendy Irawan said...

Awesome stuff !

BTW there is a typo in Download page:

still shows version 4.1

I want to edit the Wiki, but I can't. How can I create an account on the Wiki??

Heiko W. Rupp said...

Hendy, thanks!

Yes I goofed there. Looks someone fixed it meanwhile.

We did have issues with spam on self-registration, so we turned it off. We need to find a better solution. Ping me in private so we can arrange access.