Monday, January 09, 2012

Some graphing fun with D3.js

Now that the RHQ REST api can expose raw numerical metrics for the last 7 days, it is possible to create additional graphs for numerics. As before I have used D3.js to create the following graphs. The source is now in RHQ git master and will also be in RHQ 4.3.

The first graph shows the last 7 days of metrics in one go:
Last 7 days of metrics

This one shows the last 7 days where each span of 24h is represented by a colored line, which allows to compare the values directly - the darker the color, the older the data:
Bildschirmfoto 2012 01 09 um 11 06 05

This needs some more work, as the x-axis labeling does not yet take the exact start time into account.
Also time spans that have no values (e.g. because agent is down) should not show a straight line, but no line at all for that period. There should perhaps be a legend about the colors as well.

I am still very much on the learning side of JavaScript and D3.js and the above is far from the beautiful examples Mike Bostock creates, but I think one can already see the potential power here.

If anyone is interested to add tooltips for the values or fix the label for the second graph, please ping me.

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