Monday, May 28, 2012

RHQ REST api: added support for Group Definitions

I've just added some support for GroupDefinitions (aka "DynaGroups") to RHQ.

The following shows some examples:

List all definitions:

$ curl -i --user rhqadmin:rhqadmin http://localhost:7080/rest/1/group/definitions
"description":"just some random test",
"expression":["groupby resource.type.plugin","groupby"],
"expression":["resource.type.category = PLATFORM","groupby"],
Get a single definition by id:

$ curl -i --user rhqadmin:rhqadmin http://localhost:7080/rest/1/group/definition/10002
"expression":["resource.type.category = PLATFORM","groupby"],

You see in the above examples that the actual expression is encoded as a list with each line being an item in the list. The recalculation interval needs to be given in milliseconds.

Delete a definition (by id):

$ curl -i --user rhqadmin:rhqadmin http://localhost:7080/rest/1/group/definition/10031 -X DELETE
Create a new definition:

$ curl -i --user rhqadmin:rhqadmin http://localhost:7080/rest/1/group/definitions \
-HContent-Type:application/json -HAccept:application/json -X POST \
-d '{"name":"test1","description":"Hello","expression":["groupBy"]}'
HTTP/1.1 201 Created
Location: http://localhost:7080/rest/1/group/definition/10041

For creation a name is required. The location of the created group definition is returned in the header of the response.

And finally to update a definition:

curl -i --user rhqadmin:rhqadmin http://localhost:7080/rest/1/group/definition/10041?recalculate=true \
-HContent-Type:application/json -HAccept:application/json -X PUT \
-d '{"name":"test4","description":"Hello","expression":["groupBy"]}'

By passing the query-param recalculate=true we can trigger a re-calculation of the groups defined by this group definition.

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