Thursday, October 04, 2012

RHQ 4.5.1 released

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of RHQ 4.5.1.
RHQ is a system for management and monitoring of resources like application servers
or databases and can be extended by writing plugins.

Actually I wanted to announce 4.5.0 a week ago, but a first user report showed an
error in the upgrade path from a previous version, so we have pulled that release
and fixed the bug along with another one and have now created a fresh 4.5.1 release.

Notable changes are:

  • Python support in the Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Support for importing of scripts in the CLI
  • Enhancements in the JBossAS7 plugin
  • Enhancements in the REST API
  • Events tab allows to filter by date range
  • Postgres 9.2 is now supported as backend database
  • The Sigar library has been updated.

Special thanks goes to Elias Ross and Richard Hensman for their contributions.

Maven artifacts have been uploaded to the JBoss Nexus repo and should show up on maven central soon.

You can find the full release notes, that also contain a download link on the RHQ wiki.

This time we have included the full output from git shortlog for the commits of the release. Please tell us if this is useful for you.

Heiko on behalf of the RHQ team

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prelegalwonder said...

I appreciate all the hard work and the tools like the bundler creator etc! Thank you!