Wednesday, September 11, 2013

RHQ 4.9 released

It is a pleasure for me to announce on behalf of the RHQ development team the immediate availability of RHQ 4.9


Some of the new features since RHQ 4.8 are:

Be sure to read the release notes and the installation documents.


For security reasons we have made changes to the installation in the sense that there is no more default password for the rhqadmin super user. Also the default bind address of has been removed. You need to set them before starting the installation.

If you are upgrading from RHQ 4.8 you need to run a script to remove the native components from Cassandrabefore the upgrade. Otherwise RHQ 4.9 will fail to start.


Special thanks goes to

  • Elias Ross

  • Jérémie Lagarde

  • Michael Burman

for their code contributions for this release and to Stian Lund for his repeated testing of the new graphs implementation.


As usual you can download the release from the RHQ-project downloads on SourceForge

1 comment:

Unknown said...


I have just upgraded two RHQ environments from 4.4 to 4.9. Unfortunately my 4.9 installations are really unstable because of this bug.

I really urge you to withdraw and discontinue RHQ 4.9 and remove the files from the download site.
It is just not stable for production.