Friday, February 06, 2015

Meet the Hawk!

Well, actually that is not Hawk, but HAWKULAR

(Non-official visualization)

Hawkular is the next generation monitoring (and management) project from JBoss incorporating the best features and knowledge from RHQ while at the same time improving on the less strong parts.

Hawkular is composed of a number of individual sub-projects that work together and deliver individual services. The design of those services is in a way that they could also be used standalone in other projects.

The currently most prominent sub-project is Hawkular Metrics, which you probably recall as "RHQ Metrics" and which just has released its version 0.2.7 under the old name. There is also an OpenShift cartridge available for it.

Other sub-projects are:

  • Hawkular-bus: asynchronous bus to connect the various parts. This is a message oriented bus currently running on Active MQ and providing an infrastructure for other projects to re-use.
  • Hawkular-alerts: alerting on incoming metrics (and other events).
  • Hawkular-ui-components: ui components such as 2 plugins and Angular directives that make up the Hawkular Console
  • Hawkular build tools: Helpers and definitions to build Hawkular

Similarly the

  • Wildfly-cassandra extension (run Cassandra 3 as an extension inside WildFly)
  • Wildfly-monitor extension (Monitor WildFly metrics and forward to a Hawkular Metrics instance)

have also been moved over to the Hawkular organization on GitHub

All the pieces are / will be assembled in the Hawkular project

All projects and sub-projects live in GitHub under the Hawkular organization. Right now we have set up the basic projects and other infrastructure. The overall issue tracker is setup at with individual trackers for the sub-projects (you can use the overall tracker and we dispatch).

Right now we are working on getting an end-to-end workflow and integration done for Hawkular.

Development discussions around Hawkular happen on the Hawkular-dev mailing list and you can find the developers hanging around on IRC at irc://

And make sure to follow Hawkular on Twitter

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