Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Presenting at ManageIQ Design Summit 2016

I have the luck to go to the ManageIQ Design Summit 2016 in Mahwah, New Jersey at the beginning of June. And not only that, but also to be able to present there (more about this in a moment).

You may be looking at the web site of ManageIQ or the Design summit and think "why the heck is the Java and JBoss guy talking at a Ruby conference"? And the answer is simple:

Hawkular and ManageIQ are collaborating on the future of Middleware management.

And so I will talk about "Adding middleware to the game", describing the current state of Red Hat middleware and monitoring with RHQ and Hawkular, the integration with ManageIQ that we are already working on. And also the path and vision going forward.

ManageIQ has all the knowledge about the operating system and infrastructure the Middleware servers are running on, where Hawkular only provides some basic information. ManageIQ on the other hand has no notion of applications yet, wich is the domain of Hawkular. ManageIQ can also be used to provision new VMs and containers with Middleware in them, which can then be monitored and managed by Hawkular.

If you are close by, join me :)

NB: while I am there I will try find some of the nearby Geocaches, as New Jersey is still missing on my list (as so many other states in he US :)

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Jason Frey said...

Looking forward to your preso! BTW there's at least one geocache within walking distance of the building... we found it as a team outing once.