Sunday, June 06, 2004

EJB 3.0 steered by politics? A conpiracy?

There are various articles like Forums - EJB 3.0 steered by politics? that express that EJB 3.0 must be the result of a conspiracy or of politics or what ever, but in any case not the result of technical discussions.

I don't think so. I have to admit, that I am pro JBoss, so I am biased.

The voices that come up are from the usual suspects in the established commercial market like commercial app server vendors or JDO vendors that really fear their market share being taken away by Open Source like JBoss. But not only JBoss, but also new frameworks from Apache etc. The biggest difference between Apache and JBoss is probably, that JBoss Inc. is now a company, while all Apache stuff is always hyped no matter what good it is.

It might be good for EJB and J2EE that someone from a different viewpoint is now leading the technical discussion. Who knows - perhaps in EJB 4, IBM will be the technical lead. Or Macromedia. Or ...

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