Sunday, June 20, 2004

Stuttgart Lauf

Today I did the 7km running at the 11. Stuttgarter Zeitung-Lauf.
The Stuttgart-Lauf is a mass competition: in total around 18.000 people were running, inlining or even driving wheel chairs.

I did run in the 7km run (which actually is 7.6km) and am happy that I was able to completely run through without pausing, although I did not do any practising at all.
As usual (this was my third participation), there were supporters all around the track, making noise, music and just having fun.

The following picture will give you an impression on what you see when you are actually on the track
Runners at Stuttgart-Lauf

Update: there have been 19.622 starters in total of which 9600 did the 21km run. (Reference: Stuttgarter Zeitung).

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