Friday, June 24, 2005

1. JUGS SIG JBoss Meeting

Yesterday was the first meeting of the SIG Eclipse within the Java User Group Stuttgart (JUGS).

Thomas Diesler of JBoss, Webservices lead and the person responsible for J2EE 1.4 certification, gave a presentation about the upcoming EJB3 standard and some JBoss specific additions to it (like e.g. Annotations for MBean definitions). He also talked about the upcoming POJO-container that Adrian is currently working on.
After his presentation, we had Pizza, sponsored by Janine Eastwood of JBoss and a Q & A session afterwards.
Later on we talked about the future of the SIG and the interests of the individual SIG members. Next SIG meetings will be on 1.9.2005 and 3.11.2005 again at the Alte Scheuer in Degerloch.
Last but not least there was a vodka tasting organized by the three russian guys from iMedic.

It was a good first meeting with about 50 attendees.

Of course I had a printed copy of my JBoss book with me for attendees to glance at it.

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