Sunday, June 19, 2005


Tuesday and Wednesday I have been on the iX-Eclipse-Conference in Heidelberg. Besides giving a talk myself on plugin development, I met some nice people, had fun and did learn quite some new things on Eclipse.
Erich Gamma did a keynote presentation on Eclipse 3.1 news. One of the things I remembered, was his description on how the team made sure that Eclipse 3.1 got faster in respect to 3.0. Basically, they set up a series of unit tests, which measured the runtime of some code and compared it to some reference timing (pseudocode):

public void testFoo()

So this fitted in the framework, one is used to.
More important, they did learn a lesson: It is not enough to measure things, but to have someone (e.g. the community) to kick ass if there is too much red in the results.

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