Tuesday, May 06, 2008

JBossON 2.0 and RHQ 1.0 released

After a lot of work JBossON 2.0 was released today together with RHQ 1.0 at JavaOne conference.

You can read the press release at:


Red Hat

This is a great release and it feels great that over a year of hard work finally fell into place. There are no real release notes for RHQ, but you can browse the release notes created by JIRA at jira.rhq-project.org.

I wrote already about a few of the new features and I am planning on writing soon about developing own plugins for RHQ and JBossON.

If you want to meet the team, join us on #rhq at irc.freenode.net.

Greg from the JBossON team will also be around at JavaOne - you can probably meet him at the JBoss booth.

My colleague Jason Dobies also has an article about the release.

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