Tuesday, May 13, 2008

x2svg new release x2svg-1.2

Project x2svg just released the final 1.2 version.

Changes in release 1.2 since the last beta are:

  • Pass debug flag to the parsers.

  • Add the possibility in the GUI to pass parser specific options to
    the parser (SF fr#1956587).

  • Allow parsing of attributes and element comments. It depends on the
    individual parser if this is supported (SF FR#1940442). As this is still
    somewhat experimental, it is turned off by default.

  • Pull ant.lib into lib/, so the IDE can use this one.

  • Allow parsing of types in the XSD parser (SF FR#1947079).

  • Lot of cleanup and smaller fixes.

Browse the full changelog to see all changes in earlier versions.

You can download it from Sourceforge

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