Saturday, March 28, 2009

GSoC students where are you? Jopr wants you!

JBoss and Fedora are this year again participating in Google Summer of Code as mentoring organization.

We have set up a list of ideas at the JBoss Wiki.

For Jopr some ideas are:

  • Baselining that respects hourly and weekly variances to get better out-of-bounds conditions

  • Proactive alerting - alerting operators of bad conditions before they actually happen

  • Correlation of arbitrary input values to generate new results - often one input parameter is not enough to determine if a bad condition is in place

  • Multidimensional multimetric multidevice graphing of measurement values

  • Portal-UI for Jopr so that users can compose their own UI. This includes adding of other related consoles

Of course contributions are not limited to these ideas.

If you want to participate, be quick as deadline for submissions is on April 4th !

For more information have a look at the GSoC FAQ.

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